Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back in Place

I have been an awful blogger. The worst! Here's what has been going on lately.....

-Work, work, work
-Vanilla Bean Noel
-Washed up athletes reunion game
-Celebrity Crush: Man vs. Food
-New favorite beauty product: Tresseme Dry Shampoo
-Unsuccessful vacation planning that will hopefully turn around with a trip to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge in December (SNOW!)

I have been staying at my parents' house the past few nights since they are on vacation. I like this because they have cable and internet. My internet has been inexplicably down for the past two weeks and crappy Dish Network cable is unreliable at best. They also have a fully stocked pantry and fridge and an extra fluffy dog for me to snuggle (read: pet from a distance as Pete runs around in circles, crazy with jealousy).

Future blog posts: my love/hate relationship with my apartment, fall recipes I am too lazy to make, and my Christmas list