Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Love TV!

I mentioned this yesterday....TV > Movies. I love it all; the good (Glee), the bad (True Blood), and the ugly (Rock of Love). My Netflix queue contains mostly TV on DVD. I go to bed pretty early during the week, so I catch up on any episodes I've missed from the previous night on Hulu or Sidereel as I get ready for work. Pathetic? Or an efficient use of my time? Anyways, it's probably not my best quality, but I'm a huge TV junkie and I have no shame. Here's some of my favorites. Yes, I know my brain is probably completely rotten at this point, so what's one more episode going to do?

*EDIT*I just spent a long time finding pictures/videos to upload but now it's being weird and not letting me resize. I'm going to leave it as a long, uninteresting list for now in the name of keeping my word on the blog challenge.


Friends: I own all ten seasons of Friends and quote one episode or another just about every day. Scratch that. I own nine of the ten. Season 8 is currently being held hostage by a roommate's ex-boyfriend.

30 Rock

Arrested Development

Pete & Pete

How I Met Your Mother (Jason Segel, remember?)




Friday Night Lights: SO GOOD.

Lost, even though I STILL haven't seen the last season.

True Blood (#1 brain rotter)

My love for reality tv programming began in 6th grade when I used to sneak and watch Road Rules on MTV against my parents' commands. Nowadays, if it's on Bravo, I watch it. If it's a reality show on another network, I probably watch it too. If it features D-list celebrities searching for true love, I'm tuning in faster than Padma Lakshmi can scarf down a tray of amuse bouches during a curry-themed quick fire.

Top Chef

Project Runway

Real Housewives of ANYWHERE

Rock of Love

American Idol

Color Splash

America's Next Top Model

Ok, this blog ended up being stupid, but I don't care because I'm 3/3 on this challenge.

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